Our B2B Offering

Most of our B2B clients come to us with a very specific challenge. They struggle to maintain a steady flow of strong, relevant leads that are ready to engage and ultimately convert to new customers.

We are B2B specialists with a focus on LinkedIn Social Selling. Compared to other social channels, 82% of B2B marketers realise their greatest success with LinkedIn.

We have developed a LinkedIn lead generation program that is designed to drive hot prospects that are ready to be converted by your sales teams.

The results are staggering. One of our B2B clients has experienced a 1200% increase in sales leads by using our lead gen framework.

Contact Identification

We start by identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using Sales Navigator, LinkedIn connection targeting tool.

Content Development

We augment our messaging with tailored content designed to promote our clients as an authority in their field and a way to generated super-engaged leads.

LinkedIn Outreach

We develop tailored messaging and reach out to potential customers, based on a number of specific parameters (such as industry, location, company size), as well as their stage within the funnel.

Paid Advertising

Content pieces are then boosted through paid advertising, both in the form of LinkedIn Ads and promoted posts, to engage with the audience and expand your reach.